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    BEFORE - Liability risk - UNSAFE!
    15 row bleacher unit with single foot board, no riser, no aisle, inadequate guardrail, missing hardware.  Sturdy understructure of steel angle.

    AFTER - Code Compliant - SAFE!
    (1) Used existing foot plank along with new foot plank to double all rows.  (2) Added riser plank.  (3) Cut out a vertical aisle and added step extensions and hand rail.  (4) Added new code compliant guardrail system.  (5) Replaced missing hardware.

    DGJD, Inc. can provide all the necessary materials and arrange for a qualified installer for your bleacher replanking and code compliant upgrades.

    Replanking and
    Our Specialty

    Renovations can be done over a period of time based on budget allotments.

    Upgrade your existing bleachers or grandstand by replacing the old seat and foot boards with low maintenance aluminum planking.

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