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  • Safety Compliance Inspections

    NFPA 102 and the ICC require yearly inspections of your outdoor bleachers.

    Consider these questions...

    • When was your last bleacher inspection?

    • Is your insurance company going to renew your liability insurance coverage on your bleachers?

    • Are your bleachers Handicap Accessible?

    Compliance & Safety Issues

    • General structural safety

    • Guardrails - height, spacing

    • Aisles - location, width, handrail

    • Foot boards - width for safety closure

    • Riser - safety closure

    • Seat plank - wood or fiberglass splinters

    • Wheelchair spaces - number required for seating capacity

    • Handicap ramp - location and slope

    How we can help...

    • DGJD, Inc. has experienced bleacher personnel available to inspect your outdoor bleachers.

    • They can provide a written report setting forth the structural integrity of your bleachers as well as compliance issues with safety codes and ADA requirements.

    • DGJD, Inc. will provide you with an itemized cost for modifications, upgrades, and code compliance requirements.**

    • DGJD, Inc. can also provide bid specifications or budget estimates to bring your bleachers up to code and in compliance with ADA requirements.

      **The inspection fee will be deducted from the first Purchase Order received for any modifications to be performed by DGJD, Inc.

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