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  • Design

    Seating shall be designed to support, in addition to its own weight, a uniformly distributed live load of not less than 100 pounds per square foot of gross horizontal projection of the facility.  All seat and foot plank members shall be designed to support not less than 120 pounds per lineal foot over a 6' span, multi-span condition.   Facility shall be designed to resist with or without live load a horizontal wind load of not less than 30 pounds per square foot of gross vertical projection.   Structure shall also be designed to resist, in addition to the live load, sway forces applied to the seat in a direction parallel to the direction of the seat planks of 24 pounds per lineal foot and separately in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the seats of 10 pounds per lineal foot of seat plank.

    Support Structure

    Support structure shall consist of welded aluminum angle frames set on no greater than 6'-0" centers.  Aluminum angle bracing shall be installed in all bays to support wind and sway loads.  All aluminum angle is ALLOY 6005A-T6 or 6061-T6 mill finish.  Each frame shall consist of vertical aluminum angle, diagonal aluminum angle, and horizontal aluminum angle welded to form an 8" or 6" rise and a 24" tread depth unless otherwise specified or required.  Seat plank shall rest on a seat support with a minumum bearing surface of 8-1/2" for optimum resistance to torsion stress.  All welded connections shall be by certified aluminum welders.  All parts shall be welded on all sides for optimum strength.  Configuration shall provide for applicable rows of seating  For transportable units, all frames shall be modified to receive a tongue at a height 6" above ground level of bleacher.

    Seat Boards

    Anodized aluminum ALLOY 6063-T6 extrusions, .078 minumum (+/- .006" industry tolerance) wall thickness clear anodized finish (204-R1), in accordance with the Aluminum Association Architectural Standard AA-C22A31.  Plank shall have a standard internal support leg height of 1-3/4".  Seat plank shall be nominal 2" x 10" (actual 1-3/4" x 9-1/2") with heavy duty clamping channel end caps.  End caps are to be attached with self tapping screws to the underside of the plank.  Extrusions shall have serrations on top for safety, and the outside corners shall have a smooth radius for maximum comfort.

    Foot Boards

    Mill finish aluminum ALLOY 6063-T6 extrusions, .078 minimum (+/- .006" industry tolerance) wall thickness.   Plank shall have a standard internal support leg height of 1-3/4".  Extrusions shall have a fluted surface on top for safety and outside corners shall have a smooth radius.  Foot plank shall be nominal 2" x 10" (actual 1-3/4" x 9-1/2") with heavy duty clamping channel end caps.  End caps are to be attached with self tapping screws to the underside of the plank.  Double foot plank provided to meet code.

    Riser Boards

    Mill finish aluminum ALLOY 6063-T6 extrusions, .080 minumum (+/- .006" industry tolerance) wall thickness.  Riser plank shall be a nominal 1" x 6" plank for an 8" rise and shall attach with clip assemblies to structural frames.  Alternative riser options are available.

    Aisles and Handrail

    All aisles shall have applicable step extensions and a handrail of 6061-T6 anodized aluminum schedule 40 extruded pipe of 1.5" minumum O.D.  Pipe center handrail provided for center aisles per code.  Side aisles shall have handrail incorporated into the guardrail system.


    Solid panels are constructed of 4 gauge galvanized steel 2" x 4" wire mesh framed in welded 2" square aluminum tube.  The top rail shall be 42" above the nearest seat on the sides and top row.  No opening between the unit and the guardrail shall exceed 4".  The rail is bolted to an angle support bracket, which is bolted into the understructure frames.  The Chain Link guardrail option provides for 3 lines of anodized aluminum 6061-T6 alloy extruded 1-1/4" schedule 40 pipe with a 1.5" minumum O.D.  Supports of Aluminum structural angle 2" x 3" x 188 minumum, 9 gauge 2" mesh galvanized fabric, coating ASTM A817, Type 2, Class 2, zinc coated: Fittings & accessories of aluminum conforming to ASTM B-26.  Pipe handrail above chain link on sides for safety.  Chain link does not extend above top rail on sides.  Speed rail at all corners and change of direction of handrail.  A heavy duty vertical guardrail option is available.  For 8 or 10 row transportable units the guardrail shall split between rows 5 and 6 for transport.


    Clip assemblies shall consist of an extruded mill finish aluminum clip, carriage bolt, and serrated hex nut with 4 way adjustment capability.  All structural hardware shall be 3/8" or 7/16" diameter machine bolts with hex nuts and lock washers.  All bolts & nuts to be hot dipped galvanized or cadmium plated.  For the Tip and Roll units non-marring 5" swivel casters are provided to allow unit to be tilted onto the back of the unit and rolled to a different location.  Non-marring rubber pads are supplied for the bottom of frames & kicker to protect floors.  Transportable units are constructed with tongue guides; wheel sleeves attach to the unit frame for transport.

    Bleacher Specifications

    We rely on the Purchaser to order units that will comply with their specific building & safety codes.


    The most current applicable building and safety code provisions shall apply to the design and construction of the bleachers as specified.


    DGJD, Inc. warrants its standard bleacher products to be free from all defects in materials and fabrication for a period of one year under normal use or such period as shall be required by contract or agreement.

    All aluminum seat and foot plank extrusions shall be covered by a five year warranty against loss of structural strength or finish deterioration due specifically to exposure to varying weather conditions or ultra-violet rays.

    DGJD, Inc.'s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repair and/or exchange of any item which may prove defective under normal use during the warranty period.   Damage resulting from abnormal use, extraordinary weather conditions, vandalism, premeditated damage or improper installation or modification by Purchaser will render warranties null and void.

    Powder coated planking does not carry a warranty.

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